Alertness, Fatigue and Stress (AFS)

Fatigue and stress in the workplace doesn’t only impact on workers’ health, safety and performance, it can also affect the health and safety of those around them.

Non-invasive detection and monitoring of AFS

In the workplace, fatigue is defined as a state of mental and/or physical exhaustion that impairs the ability to perform work safely and effectively. This can impair an individual’s alertness levels, leading to mistakes and an increase in incidents and injuries, costing the Australian economy around $5 billion a year. To manage this risk, reliable systems are required to dynamically manage fatigue in the workplace.

Redenlab can assist design adaptable speech-based assessment that will allow you to non-invasively detect, monitor and manage workplace fatigue to support workers and maintain peak performance.

Enhance detection and monitoring of AFS

Easy integration

Our speech assessment systems are easily integrable into existing workplace infrastructure, minimizing resource usage. Our systems are agile so that as your company and user requirements expands, so will our offerings.

Purpose built algorithms

With the use of cloud-based speech analytics, Redenlab offers uniquely tailored algorithms that will help workplaces detect and monitor ASF. Our team will work closely with you to ensure our solutions are tailored to your workplace and aligns with your specific use case.

Objective measurement

We incorporate gold standard measurements to ensure monitoring is accurate and fit for purpose. Our team can advise on appropriate scales for incorporation into your speech assessment systems including validated measures such as the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale, Fatigue Severity Scale and Perceived Stress Scale.

Partnering with key organization for a safer workplace

Redenlab has partnered with key organizations around Australia to provide evidence-based speech assessments for alertness, fatigue and stress.

Key organizations Redenlab has partnered with:

  • CRC of Alertness, Safety and Productivity

  • Department of Defence – Defence, Science and Technology Group

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Learn more from our studies

Redenlab has studied an extensive range of brain related disorders and utilizing our developed technologies and methodologies to capture insightful measurements

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