EMBL -EBI: Virtual Event, Tuesday 10th November 2020

Background & Motivation
• Digital Endpoints/Biomarkers based on mobile devices and sensor technology are currently
being investigated in many clinical studies
• Data collected from sensors is entirely different from any other clinical data collected
• No agreement or guidance on how to best process and analyse sensor data exists
• First guidance proposals on how to develop digital endpoints/biomarkers for clinical studies
only just appearing

• Overview on current strategies to develop digital endpoints/biomarkers
• Overview on current practices in collecting, processing and analyzing digital biomarker data
• Use cases from both academia and industry
• Analysis related issues like statistical methods for high-dimensional time series data;
addressing data types like touch and voice; relationship to disease and established clinical
• Data related issues like missing data, gathering, transferring, anonymizing, sharing

Anticipated workshop outcomes
• Shared understanding on current practices for digital biomarker data analysis in clinical
• Understanding current gaps and future steps of digital biomarker data analysis

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Content courtesy of EMBL -EBI

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