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Insomnia & narcolepsy​

Workforce monitoring

CNS related communication changes​

Decision making capacity

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Expand your understanding of alertness, fatigue and stress and how it can impact an individual's performance by accurately evaluating an individual communication profile using Redenlab’s technology.​

    The Research Network for Undersea Decision Superiority scheme is supporting a project on speech and decision making in submariners. The...
      Exposing healthy adults to extended periods of wakefulness is known to induce changes in psychomotor functioning. The effect of fatigue...

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      • Posted on 13 July, 2023
        Redenlab are thrilled to announce that Dr. Peter Gibilisco has joined Redenlab's advisory board. As a consumer advisor with profound insights into the importance of speech and its changes with disease, Dr. Gibilisco brings invaluable...
        • Posted on 30 March, 2023
          Redenlab are partnering with Monash university, University of Melbourne, Eastern Health, and Invicta to deliver this world-first collaboration investigating neurofilament light chain and voice for diagnosing dementia. Funded by the Medical Research Future Fund, the...