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Insomnia & narcolepsy​

Workforce monitoring

CNS related communication changes​

Decision making capacity

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Expand your understanding of alertness, fatigue and stress and how it can impact an individual's performance by accurately evaluating an individual communication profile using Redenlab’s technology.​

    The Research Network for Undersea Decision Superiority scheme is supporting a project on speech and decision making in submariners. The...
      Exposing healthy adults to extended periods of wakefulness is known to induce changes in psychomotor functioning. The effect of fatigue...

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      • Posted on 14 July, 2024
        Communication is essential for both daily living and achieving a successful, fulfilling life. Speech and language skills are governed by extensive and intricate brain networks, making communication disorders common in neurogenetic conditions and even minor...
        • Posted on 2 July, 2024
          This video features an interview hosted by Global Health Youth Connect with Professor Adam Vogel called Interview with Experts.The conversation covers various topics related to his research, including the neurological basis of speech disorders, advancements...