Redenlab Mobile Support Page


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a Username and Password to access the app?

    Redenlab work within strict privacy and use environments. Only authorized users have access to the system.

  2. I am having trouble downloading the app from the App Store

    Check your Wifi or internet connection, ensure you have appropriate access rights in your apple account or check with your system administrator for help.

  3. How do i get access to a Redenlab account?

    Your study coordinator can provide you with details on how to log into the system. If you are not involved in a study connected to Redenlab, you can get more information here.

  4. Why would I use Redenlab Mobile?

    Redenlab Mobile is used for audio, speech and language data collection and analysis. It is used by clinical trial research coordinators, speech pathologists, physicians, linguistics, engineers, patients and study subjects to record sound (usually speech) for analysis in health and medical research as well as clinical care. Redenlab Mobile is one of a suite of products that records and analyzes audio, speech and language signals to tell us about human health and performance.

  5. Who do I contact if I need more information on the Redenlab Mobile App?

    You can email us here and someone will get back to you.

  6. What does Redenlab do?

    Redenlab is a pioneering speech focussed med-tech company working with the pharmaceutical industry and medical research institutes to measure changes in brain health from what we say and how we sound. Look here for more information.