Redenlab partners with Curebase to expand data capture capabilities in pharma trials

Curebase, a company dedicated to democratizing clinical trials through a decentralized model is announcing its partnership with Redenlab, a global leader for speech testing in industry-run clinical trials.  

Speech can be a sensitive marker for specific neuro conditions that is often a crucial aspect of patient monitoring for pharmaceutical trials in the neuro space. Redenlab, a neuroscience technology company, uses speech and language biometrics to enhance decision-making in clinical trials. The Redenlab user-friendly digital speech platform provides flexible, objective measurement and analysis of communication ability that can evaluate the efficacy of pharmaceutical treatments, as tools for monitoring patient health in medical clinics, and in cutting-edge academic research.  

Curebase can integrate with Redenlab’s platform with built-in AWS and HIPPA compliance, as a way to add speech analytics to pharmaceutical studies where necessary. This analytical component will not only give researchers a more comprehensive monitoring approach in trials but will also add to patient safety and well-being during trials.  

“Our cognitive-linguistic tests are valid, quick, and reliable, with demonstrated sensitivity to subtle disease or treatment-induced change,” says Dr. Adam Vogel, CEO of Redenlab. “We service in-clinic, in-home or virtual trials with speech software and hardware solutions capable of meeting regulatory requirements for security and integrity of data in clinical trials.”  

Curebase can utilize these capabilities where applicable in pharma and neuro trials to collect crucial metrics in a decentralized study model.  

“Data quality is a huge component to DCTs, being able to offer specific analytics to our research studies levels up our data collection capabilities in our trials, says Tom Lemberg, founder & CEO of Curebase. “By incorporating Redenlab’s technology into pharma studies where necessary, we are able to produce quality data points where they matter.”   

Partnerships like these enable sponsors to collect comprehensive and relevant data metrics in accordance with regulatory requirements for necessary trials.  

About Curebase

At Curebase, our mission is to bring quality medical innovations to patients faster and improve human well-being through more efficient clinical studies. We are proving that clinical research can be radically accelerated if we empower physicians everywhere to enroll patients in the communities where they live. By applying cutting-edge clinical software and remote study management techniques to the problem, we are reinventing clinical trials and research from the ground up. 

About Redenlab

Redenlab was founded in 2017 based on evolving industry demands for the objective measurement of meaningful outcomes in clinical trials and clinical research. The clinically motivated work from their scientific team led by Professor Adam Vogel, Ph.D. focuses on cognitive-linguistic function, motor speech, and voice, alongside the validation of methods for collecting and analyzing speech. This deep understanding of the clinical need for better assessments as well as knowledge of the clinical trials industry was the catalyst for the development of our robust, evidence-based, speech biomarker platform. 

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