Redenlab shines in Huberman Podcast, unveiling cannabis study and speech analysis expertise


Redenlab, a leading techbio company, proudly announces its recent feature on the highly acclaimed Huberman Podcast. The podcast episode sheds light on Redenlab’s groundbreaking research on the effects of cannabis on the brain and body, as well as their expertise in speech analysis.

Hosted by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, the Huberman Podcast attracts a massive audience of science enthusiasts and thought leaders. With over two million views, this episode showcases Redenlab’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of neuroscience research.

During the podcast, Huberman discussed Redenlab’s team of experts and their latest findings and insights regarding the effects of cannabis on the intricate workings of the brain and its impact on the body. This pioneering research holds great promise in deepening our understanding of cannabis-related phenomena and its potential therapeutic applications.

The podcast episode highlights Redenlab’s remarkable expertise in speech analysis. Their state-of-the-art technology enables precise measurement and assessment of various speech characteristics, contributing to improved diagnostic tools and treatment strategies in the field of speech pathology.

Prof. Adam Vogel, Chief Scientist at Redenlab, stated, “Dr Huberman did a fantastic job dissecting the work. His examples of speech in this condition were spot on!”

Redenlab’s feature on the Huberman Podcast underscores their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and revolutionising the field of neuroscience. The company continues to push boundaries, leveraging innovative technologies to unlock new insights and empower better decision-making in healthcare and related industries.

Watch the full episode here.

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About Redenlab:

Redenlab is a leading techbio company specialising in speech analysis and linguistic assessment tools. With a mission to enhance decision-making in clinical tirlas and healthcare research, Redenlab leverages leading knowledge in communicaiton and technology to measure and analyse speech patterns, providing valuable insights into neurological conditions. Their innovative solutions are paving the way for improved monitoring and diagnostics, personalised treatment plans, and transformative advancements in neuroscience research.

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