Redenlab welcomes Dr. Peter Gibilisco to our advisory board, reinforcing our patient-centred approach

Redenlab are thrilled to announce that Dr. Peter Gibilisco has joined Redenlab’s advisory board. As a consumer advisor with profound insights into the importance of speech and its changes with disease, Dr. Gibilisco brings invaluable knowledge to how Redenlab designs and implements clinical outcome measures.

Dr. Gibilisco states, “Measuring and assessing the progress and impact of Friedreich’s Ataxia is vital in providing care for individuals with this progressive bodily disorder. It is important to identify the stage of deterioration and develop strategies to challenge and slow down the disability’s deterioration. By making such measurements, appropriate exercises can be devised to bring about even minor improvements, offering much-needed respite and making life a little bit easier for the person concerned.”

At Redenlab, we are dedicated to creating meaningful metrics that allow us to accurately measure and assess the progress of communication disorders such as Friedreichs Ataxia. By understanding the unique characteristics and variations of an individual’s condition, we can develop tailored outcomes to measure what matters to patients, trialists and regulators.

By welcoming Dr. Peter Gibilisco to our advisory board, we critically add the patient voice to our company and strengthen our commitment to patient-centered care and innovation. His expertise and unique perspective will guide us in developing impactful interventions and addressing the real-world needs of individuals with communication challenges.

For more information about Redenlab and our patient-centered approach, please visit our website: Home – Redenlab

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