Flexible. Powerful. Easy to use.

Open the possibility of early and powerful evaluation of therapeutic efficacy with Redenlab’s recording solutions

  • Compile everything through one single device
  • Create a comprehensive view of patient condition with each recording
  • Monitor progression of patients disease over time accurately and easily
  • Achieve high quality recordings while maintaining compliance

A solution to suit all study needs

Redenlab Portal™

Cloud Based Data Management & Study Up

Redenlab Online™

Device Agnostic

Redenlab Mobile™

iOS & Android

Redenlab Desktop™

Mac & Pc

Why use Redenlab’s recording options?

Improve site workflow & data management

Seamless integration of data capture and data management across devices and recording solutions.

Flexible recording options suited to trial requirements

Mobile, in-clinic, device agnostic options, BYOD and tailored options available.

Quality control & data monitoring

Data integrity is essential. Testing hardware and software need to be easy to use and capable of flexible delivery. Redenlab have conducted extensive user acceptance testing to ensure their tools are fit for purpose.

Compliance with legislation

Highly data secure solutions that are compliant to GDPR, HIPAA and 21 CFR part 11.

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